The World Match Play: Everybody’s a Toyota

Should anybody be reading this, I wanted to let you know that I’m going to be posting a bit about the tournament in Tucson this week—expanding a bit on my last post concerning the classic golfing dilemma about when to hit the gas and when to stomp on the brake (probably best Toyota doesn’t have much of a sponsorship presence in golf, don’t you think?). Match play raises the stakes on that decision—there’s no tomorrow in match play. So expect something later today. The early line is still Geoff Ogilvy, already a subject of one of these posts, although le fromage-tete Stricker cannot be counted out. Big upset pick for the first round? Tim Clark over Vijay Singh, although many would say that’s a no-brainer given Clark’s strong play recently versus Singh’s slow slide from the top. Should be a fun day.


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